A Best Euro Pear - FLAVOURITE


FLAVOURITE is our own Green Barn introduction …only nursery in Canada you will find it being sold. It has been my favourite eating pear for the past 10 years...because of its deliciously sweet and buttery flesh that no other pear has matched over that time. Our flavour favourite...hence we named it “Flavourite” This pear ripens in October and are firm and sweet when picked... much like the Bosc pear variety but..... store for a few months and they become buttery, juicy and very sweet like the Beurre de Comice pear. One of the only European pears we grow that is totally immune to fireblight  ....that horrible bacterial disease which has damaged and killed most of our European pear varieties ...like Bosc, Bartlett, Flemish Beauty, Clapps, etc. Even those varieties from research stations  that were thought to be fireblight resistant are now showing "strikes" of fireblight on some branches...BUT FLAVOURITE has shown immunity to fireblight since its beginnings on our farm 25 years ago.  Has easily survived our worst winters in that time so we think it will grow in Canada's colder climate areas...maybe as cold as zone 2.

FLAVOURITE - very large fruit, delicious flavour, stores well, disease free, cold hardy - a huge step forward from the pathetically weak Bartlett variety that has dominated the world pear market for last 100 yrs!   

This Green Barn Farm introduction , FLAVOURITE is not available anywhere in Canada so please do not expect to find it at your local Canadian Tire or Walmart.

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