Asian Pear - HAYATAMA - NG


Hayatama is a beautiful brown coloured fruit that matures very early ( in August) before any of our other Asian pears are ready. Absolutely fantastic sweet, tropical flavour reminiscent of mango, apricot and banana. Very marketable early fruit for August road stand sales.

We are sold out of all available Hayatama  trees previously propagated we are going to propagate more in April for spring 2022 sales and will call them HAYATAMA -NG or New Grafts......these are 1-2 ft trees made with an OHF pear rootstock grafted with wood from our Hayatama mother tree . Once they start growing you prune off all growth below the graft union.......this prevents OHF rootstock from taking over and promotes the growth of Hayatama buds above graft. We are adding a second tree for free as these newly grafted trees are smaller than usual ones we sell. 

HAYATAMA New Grafts tree.............. for $89 you get 2 trees

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