Kiwi Grape


Most grapes require lots of sun to sweeten the grape...however the kiwi grape will produce sweet fruit in full shade conditions. These vines are great for producing food in a forest of trees or in a shady urban setting. We plant our kiwi grapes at the trunk base of "foodless" ornamental trees(willow, box elder, maple, ash, etc) using the tree as a shady vine support( trellis). After 2 yrs kiwi fruit starts dropping from the shady canopy above..."food renovation" with little effort!  Kiwi vines are very hardy(Zone 3), very adaptable to poorer soils and are an easy organic crop to need for pesticides/fungicides/herbicides to get marketable tasty fruit. Need 2 plants to get male( pollinator) and one female(gives the fruit)

Kiwi X 2 plants.........$60

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