Most grapes require lots of sun to sweeten the grape...however the kiwi grape will produce sweet fruit in full shade conditions. These vines are great for producing food in a forest of trees or in a shady urban setting. We plant our kiwi grapes at the trunk base of "foodless" ornamental trees(willow, box elder, maple, ash, etc) using the tree as a shady vine support. After 2 yrs kiwi grapes can be enjoyed from shady canopy of the now converted "food" tree" with little effort. Kiwi grape vines are hardy to zone 2 or -40 C

Vines adapt to poor soil and are an easy organic crop to need for pesticides/fungicides/herbicides to get sweet tasty "perfect looking" fruit.

Need 2 plants to get male( pollinator) and one female(gives the fruit)..we match the right male to pollinate the female

Kiwi Grape X 2 plants(male + female).........$100

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