Passion Fruit is now in the "super foods" category because of its high concentrations of nutrients and other health promoting compounds. Easy fruit to grow organically and with 100% of the fruit now imported here is an opportunity for Canadian growers. Passion fruit are a very expensive supermarket item at over $2 each and imported fruit can be contaminated with toxic sprays....so why not try growing your own? Passion fruit plants are very beautiful with their large "maple-like" leaves and stunning multicoloured flowers. Easily grown in pots or greenhouses and some varieties of passion fruit (passiflora incarnata) can take freezing temps down to  - 25 C. Grow this delicious, aromatic super fruit yourself or buy imported ones in "exotic section" of your supermarket... expect expensive! Anyone wanting to try a commercial venture we can provide you plants at a reduced price( 50 or more plants)..inquire for pricing

We sell superior fruiting selections that show flowers and fruit in the first year.

Passion Fruit plant.............$129 each

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