Earliblue grape was our first seedless grape to make it through a -40 C winter. Over the past 15 yrs we have learned to appreciate its merits beyond winter hardiness...early season maturity approx 2 months earlier than the famous Concord variety, excellent storage for several months allowing for longer marketing window as a fresh product, easy to dry into incredible tasting raisins and also can be processed into juice, grape pies, jams, etc. Seedless grapes are Canada's #1 imported food( in fresh, dried and juiced form). We have hundreds of grape farms(vineyards) from Nova Scotia to BC....producing the more fragile vinifera wine grapes( very input intensive) ...but where are the Canadian vineyards producing the much hardier seedless table grapes? Agriculture statistics lists total Canadian production as zero.........so the $900,000,000 Canadian consumers spent on seedless grapes in 2014 all went into foreign pockets...would be nice if more Canadian farmers started producing food that Canadians want to eat...we now import 90% of our fruit, nuts, berries and veggies...no wonder Canada now imports more food than it exports! Young farmers are being given lots of excellent advice on how to farm but very poor suggestions on what to grow. Seedless grapes should be part of the discussion when farmers are considering a crop change. Farmers work hard to get a $300/acre corn crop and spend that $300 on inputs...not a very profitable venture....yet seedless grapes that can produce $40,000/acre are ignored. Call or email if you want further info on starting a "food vineyard". Cell 514-951-9757 or ken@greenbarnnursery.ca
Earliblue is best blue seedless to start with...................................and then maybe add.....red seedless (Somerset) and green seedless( Polar Green)

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