Saskatoons grow wild in Canada from the wind swept prairies to the cold northern forests of Quebec and Ontario. The varieties we sell are selections that have larger, sweeter fruit. Thiessen and Martin varieties were selected for their very large berries while the Smokey and  Honeywood varieties are chosen for their sweet, flavourful fruit. These 4 varieties grow as small multi-stemmed trees or shrubs of approx 3 m(10 ft). For a smaller plant that is easier to pick and protect from birds.... we offer the dwarf Regent and Isaac varieties which also have very tasty fruit. Saskatoon fruit are ready to harvest in late June/early July when berries turn from green to dark red very quickly. Saskatoons make great fresh eating as well as delicious pies with an fruity almond flavour. This native fruit tree is very hardy to zone 2 and easy to grow in any type of soil. Earlier and more profitable fruit than blueberries. The 50 plant special will start producing fruit in 2 years and continue for 50 yrs or more.

Saskatoon SPECIAL 2016....50 plants( mix of varieties) for $900......SOLD OUT

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