This dense shrub has beautiful silver leaves and thousands of bright orange berries that literally cover the branches. Loaded with nutrients, seaberries (seabuckthorn) are commonly used in Europe for health tonics, cosmetics, etc. but they do not get much recognition in North America. Seaberries contain very high levels of anti-oxidants, much higher than any other berry including blueberries. These plants are tough, capable of adapting to many soil conditions, can take shade or full sun, don’t need watering, never need spraying for insects or disease, will spread down a slope or stay put on a lawn and improve soil fertility by fixing nitrogen. A seaberry hedge can be used as a natural bear fence for northern orchards. On seasides or roadsides where salt sprays damage other plants seaberries are not bothered. Berries hang on the branches all winter which will delight the birds! Only females give fruit but they need the pollen from a male seaberry to do so. One male plant can pollinate several females.

Our male seaberry is called  IGOR 

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