STRAWBERRY - Flavour Giant


We want to encourage new local strawberry plantings..... to hopefully reduce the millions of dollars Canadian consumers spend on those contaminated imported berries from California and Florida ..........STRAWBERRIES ARE THE MOST PESTICIDE CONTAMINATED FRUIT in 2023…..for the 4th straight year!  Remember that the USDA washes the store bought fruit before they do the pesticide detection tests in their laboratories.....if pesticides could not be washed off before USDA testing..... then you can assume that you are ingesting these nasty chemicals with every strawberry you eat. Local strawberries are also heavily sprayed …… and YOU PICK berries are sprayed almost daily to keep the fruit perfect for customer

FLAVOUR GIANT is a strawberry variety that has an exceptional sweet flavour and very large sized berries. Also large berries are firm and easy to pick on very winter hardy plants........destined to become a favourite over other summer varieties.

FLAVOUR GIANT.......$10 per plant 12 plants and we add 12 more for free




























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