Strawberry Special


We want to encourage new strawberry plantings..... to hopefully reduce the millions of dollars Canadian consumers spend on those tasteless imported berries from California, Florida , etc. We suggest planting some everbearing (as well as June bearing) varieties so you can get berries in spring, summer and even into fall season. Plant 500 strawberries and then use the runners produced this summer to expand your strawberry bed next year and the next year......and then get your neighbour to plant your excess runner plants when your beds are full. Best to plant strawberries in black plastic covered raised beds and 100 plants will fit into 4 ft by 25 ft bed. You can cover( mulch) raised beds with large garbage bags or order roll of agriculture plastic( approx $200 for 2000 ft roll).  Next year you should get 200 or more new "baby" runner plants for transplanting...and loads of strawberries from your original 100 "mother" plants! Strawberries also make a good ground cover crop for Permaculture plantings. 500 plants for $750

Everbearing Varieties: Seascape, Albion, Sweet Charlotte, Pink Rosalyne

June Varieties: Cle des Champs, Red Merlin, Rubicon, Heritage Sparkle, Genereuse

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