Off all of the many blackberry varieties we have tested over the past 25 years, Ebony has shown to be the most cold hardy(Zone 2-3) but if you are not in the coldest climate zones 2-3, but located in zone 4 or warmer or have good snow cover on your property, we suggest you try our new thornfree Navajo blackberry. The huge Navajo berries are super sweet and have almost none of the "tartness" of other blackberries. The huge berries start ripening in late summer when most other berries are finished. The vigorous upright canes are a pleasure to pick and "painfree"... no thorns to scratch your arms!. These are our favourite tasting blackberries and thus recommend them for city gardens and CSA customers. Also the fruit ripens over several weeks and stores well so has good commercial potential as well.  

NAVAJO canes are mature and will produce berries in first year....................... $35

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