WILD HICKORY trees provided our earliest settlers with a valuable resource ,,, both for food and wood. The delicious sweet nuts are high in quality protein and will store for year round use. The wild trees have been decimated....having been cut down for human development and also for the many uses for the valuable hickory wood ..... for tool handles( shovels, hoes, etc), for smoking meat, for firewood, for hardwood flooring, for furniture, etc , etc....

We have some very hardy (to -40 C  or Zone 2) hickory trees for sale this spring. It is time to start replanting these beautiful native trees as extinction of the hickory in the wild is almost here. They live for several hundred years and with their large leaves, extensive roots and abundant nuts ..they will sequester carbon better than almost any other tree. Want to help mitigate climate change? Suggest this is one of the better ways to do so.  

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