1. There are many wild plants with edible flowers but few have the food potential of the hemerocallis daylily. Not only is the beautiful flower edible but also the unopened flower buds, the stem and the delicious root tubers. The Chinese have been using this plant for centuries in a multitude of food preparations from soups to stews to stir fries....and is considered to a highly esteemed delicacy. 

We have daylilies growing wild all over our farm wherever they can find a "toe hold" to get established and fend for themselves. They never need weeding, watering, fertilizing or spraying...wow...... how easy to get "free" food. Because they are a spreading perennial you can eat most of the plants in a "colony" of daylilies and there is still enough left behind to replenish the colony. Our WILD TIGER daylily flourishes in our tough  -40 C (zone 2/3) climate and bursts forth in all its flowering glory year after

we will be selling our daylily - WILD TIGER.....................$49 per plant

SPRING 2024......buy 3 plants and we add 3 for free

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