Plum - Montreal Mt Royal


The Montreal Mt Royal blue plum was found growing wild on the mountain in Montreal over 100 years ago and  quickly spread throughout Quebec because of its deliciously sweet and tasty flesh. This European plum must have been brought over as a seed by an early settler and has now spread across Canada and USA.   Superb plum for fresh eating and processing into jams, etc. Tree stays dwarf ( less than 8 ft) and very cold hardy to -40 C.

Flowers are self-fertile so great back yard tree for plum lovers. Also is most productive plum at McGill university farm orchard where it has shown its potential as a commercial crop. To promote local production we offer discounted prices this year

Montreal Mt Royal plum tree….. $99

2024 Plum Special..… 2 trees and we send 3 trees

                             5 trees and we add 5 more free( 10 trees for $495)

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