Our Taylor Heartnuts are very different than those you might get from warm climate nurseries like Grimo Nut Nursery.....as we get some horribly cold -40 C winters( Zone 2-3) here on our farm. Our trees get subjected to a variety of harsh soil conditions(wet clay) as well. The ones that survive our breeding and selection process produce high quality, very tasty nuts that are smooth and buttery like our native Canadian butternut. The cold-acclimatized, Taylor heartnut trees now make it possible to expand nut growing into the colder regions of Canada. Plant two for cross pollination.

We select our best heartnuts after 25 years of field testing them. We know our genetics can survive very cold winters and they are very productive with hanging clusters of 15 or 20 nuts being common in most years. Plant these heartnuts to replace less sustainable animal meat and the more toxic protein in GMO soya and corn. Our high protein heartnut trees can be very precocious( some start producing nuts 3 yrs after planting). Heartnuts will store at room temperature for 12 months or more in their shell without losing any of their delicious butternut-like flavour. We sell out of our own heartnuts every year to customers who love them more than most of our other nut types. 

Plant two for better nut production. These Heartnut trees have Zone 3 hardiness (or colder) and are resistant to climate change better than any other nut we have testing over last 30 years. Our Canadian government is looking at ways to lower our greenhouse gas footprint(carbon dioxide production). We suggest planting heartnut trees for carbon sequestration( pulling the carbon dioxide out of atmosphere). Our scientific data shows that these trees lower greenhouse gases in atmosphere more than all the other trees in our study(100 other species). For example one heartnut tree will sequester more carbon than 1000 conifer trees( spruce, fir, pine, etc)...so why are we using conifers to offset jet fuel use( Air Canada)? Why not "buy " carbon credits from Heartnut growers? Also maybe Health Canada should promote use of more "carbon neutral" protein...like NUT MEAT ...rather than animal protein( beef, chicken, pork) that uses risky GMO protein for feed.

Heartnuts are healthy for us and the planet!

Need 2 for best nut production

HEARTNUT Taylor .....$99 each

special 2024 ……buy 3 trees and we add 4 th for free




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