A freestone apricot with golden orange skin and red blush. Hardicot apricot trees tend to bloom later than most common apricots and thus may miss early frost damage to flowers. Hardicot fruit has firm sweet yellow flesh with classic apricot flavour.... great for eating fresh, drying and processing. Even the apricot seed is edible ...crack it open and eat the kernel with a strong almond flavour!. This apricot is self - fertile so does not need a pollinator. Our Hardicot trees are tough enough to withstand climates outside of the traditional apricot growing areas(Niagara region). Our Hardicot trees are grafted onto our special  zone 2 dwarfing rootstock which not only dwarfs the tree (to a mature size of  8-9 ft) but also causes the tree to start producing apricots at a very young age......only 2 years after planting....instead of the usual 4-6 yrs with conventional apricot trees. 

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