Almond - Canadian


Almonds make a healthy snack food and almond butter makes a great alternative to peanut butter for your toast. Canada has no commercial almond production... so we import 100% of the almonds Canadians eat. California is our major supplier of almonds but expect this source to "dry up" in the coming years as almond farmers compete for this state's diminishing water supply....almond trees need lots of water to produce good crops.  We have been trying to grow named almonds(Halls Hardy, Texas, All in One, etc) on our farm for many years with little success....until we discovered a tree growing on another Canadian farm that has been producing full crops of almonds for years and are now offering "baby" trees of this almond and calling it the Canadian Almond. These Canadian Almond offspring can offer a real chance for us to become more self-sufficient in almond production here in Canada. This tree produces abundant crops of almonds with delicious sweet kernels. Because of its profuse pink blooms and attractive foliage, the almond tree is often purchased solely for its ornamental qualities. Canadian Almond trees are self-fertile and worth trying in Zone 5 (maybe even colder with protection). Almond trees are similar to peaches in size and growing requirements. We have a very limited inventory of Canadian almond trees..SOLD OUT Sp 2017.

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