Ginkgo Nuts..Canadian


Ginkgo nuts are very popular in China where they are eaten like our cashews here in Canada...lightly roasted and salted. Today male Ginkgo trees are being widely planted in Canada.. functioning as easy care ornamentals on city streets and parking lots. However only the female Ginkgo produces the edible nuts but city planners want to avoid cleaning up the fallen nuts ...hence the male planting bias. We can custom graft a male or female but sell only mixed gender seedlings to prevent gender bias. One established, these long-lived trees(1000 yr old specimens exist) are very hardy to Zone 3 and can survive almost any conditions...including the atomic bombs at Hiroshima. Chinese love the taste of Ginkgo nuts and America's health food industry uses the leaves for "brain food" supplements.

We have chosen ginkgo nuts from 200 yr old trees that exist in cities and and towns all across Canada so we know they are well adapted to our extreme climate conditions. This ancient tree unchanged from the dinosaur age needs to be planted more in our modern society.

 Ginkgo tree(unsexed)...............$99

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