PEALMOND - Peach x Almond


 We have no dwarf Patio Peach available this year but have this excellent alternative for those wanting a small beautiful backyard tree that has a peach-like fruit. The flesh of the fruit makes a delicious peachy jam and the peach pit contains a delicious almond inside. Pealmond trees can be potted and kept on deck or patio for summer like the Patio Peach and brought into cool garage for winter in colder climates(Zones 4 and colder). However our peach x almond cross can survive and produce fruit outdoors in zones 5 and warmer. We have grafted this special peach x almond variety on our own dwarfing rootstock so it will stay small and produce fruit very quickly…..1-2 years later

PEALMOND...only a few available this year

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