After trying many blackberry varieties over the past 25 years, Ebony Hardy has shown to be the most cold hardy(Zone 2-3) of all varieties tested.  Ebony Hardy canes produce huge, hanging clusters of  large shiny black berries that are very juicy with a sweet-tart flavour. Berries mature over several weeks mid Aug/early Sept. Ebony Hardy is a self-fertile blackberry with 6 ft rigid, thorny canes that are easy to pick. If you are not in coldest climate zones 1-3, but located in zone 4 or warmer, we suggest you try the new thorn-less varieties of Navajo or Perron  which have big sweet berries and no thorns! Also you might like try the very first ever-bearing blackberry variety( developed in USA) called Prim-ARC...which produces fruit on the new canes that grow up over the well as canes that over-wintered from previous year. If you have a severe winter that kills overwintering canes then you can get a full fruit load from the new canes that shoot from protected roots under the soil...double insurance for blackberry crop!
Blackberry EBONY HARDY....$19 each  

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