SPICE BUSH can be found in the wild in eastern US and Canada.... especially in rich moist forest soils. The leaves, buds and new growth stems make a delicious "spicy-lemony" tea.  Also can be used as a substitute for commercial all spice  The Cherokee and Iroquois used the plant as a medicine for many different ailments. The edible red berries are relished by many wildlife species and are a very unique tasting fruit for humans if you like lemon flavour.

Small bushy plant(1-2m) can take sun or shade(even wet shade) and winter hardy to zone 3/4 or colder with good snow cover. Very showy plant with fragrant yellow flowers in spring, followed by bright red fruit and orange-red fall foliage.

Considered to be a species at risk of extinction so maybe its time to plant more spice bush and less of the more popular but Forsythia bush.

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