When we purchased Green Barn farm some 50 years ago ....there was not a single black locust tree on the whole Ile Perrot island. After originally planting 4 small trees for their nitrogen fixing potential, BLACK LOCUST has now spread all over our farm...even in wet clay areas will little else will grow. There fragrant racemes of white flowers in spring attracts and feeds thousands of insects/bees. The huge crop of locust beans that follow from the spring flowers, then become high protein food for fall and winter wildlife. Our earliest inhabitants must have used the dried locust beans for winter food....I even like to snack on immature "green" locust beans during summer. 

Black locust wood is very valuable as fence posts, deck wood, food garden wall or outdoor furniture as it will not rot and thus needs no toxic chemical treatment to make the wood rot resistant. Has one of the highest BTU values for burning as firewood.

One of our best soil fertilizer plants with its vigorous growth and adaptability. Thus great for crowded planting areas...like "guilds" in permaculture or for shelterbelts/windbreaks.

Wild Black Locust tree............................$89

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