If you love blackberries might like try something new...very first ever-bearing blackberry called Prim-ARC...which produces fruit on the new canes that grow up over the well as canes that over-wintered from previous year. If you have a severe winter that kills overwintering canes then you can get a full fruit load from the new canes that shoot from protected roots under the soil...double insurance for blackberry crop!  Both the summer berries(on old canes) and the fall berries( on new primocanes) are large and sweet. Great way to enjoy blackberries over a very long season. Very productive upright canes are easy to pick and the abundant berry crop stores well. Has potential as a commercial farm business for CSA, You Pick, etc. Easy to grow Prim ARC in zones 5-9 and in colder zones 3-5 a good snow cover will also give good results

NEW ARC Everbearing BLACKBERRY.......$29 ea

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