COFFEE Trees for Canada


We are selling 2 types of coffee tree this year:

1) KENT (outdoor COFFEE tree) a tough, fast growing tree(gymnocladus dioicus) that adds nitrogen fertilizer to soil.  A very beautiful tree with fern-like foliage, reddish striated bark and abundant flowers that make good spring bee forage. Large chocolate brown pods are ready for coffee making in the fall. However the pods can hang on tree for months making for easy harvest while adding colour to the winter landscape...beautiful majestic tree all year long!  Kent coffee tree "bean pods" crack easy to release up to a dozen large beans which can be roasted and ground for coffee. Our Kent coffee trees have survived 25 years of increasingly severe winters on our farm and still produce annual crops of beans. Kent makes a beautiful, multi-functional tree that fits perfectly into organic permaculture food forests in cold northern climates( Zone 3...maybe colder?)

KENT COFFEE TREES are $89 each.....order these below

2) ARABICA (indoor COFFEE tree)........arabica is the only variety of coffee plant used to make every cup of coffee drunk the world over. Our own Canadian grown arabica coffee trees( about 1 ft tall) are available from  May to Oct. These dwarf coffee trees( really they are 3-4 ft bushes at maturity) are simple to grow in a small pot indoors all year round. Their glossy green leaves and later the coffee "berries" ( the seed inside the berry is the "bean" roasted for coffee) make these an ideal indoor gardening food plant. While you are waiting for the coffee beans to be produced you can make an incredibly healthy and tasty brew from the leaves of the coffee plant. Recent scientific studies( see internet) have shown that "tea" made from coffee leaf is much healthier than regular green tea( made from tea plant leaves)...and many say it is tastier as well. Be the first to start a Canadian coffee "plantation" in your neighborhood and introduce your foodie friends to this new "super healthy" beverage called "coffee leaf tea". Order these Coffee Arabica trees under the exotic fruit section of website 


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