We have many wild native plant species growing in abundance on our farm:

1) COTTONWOOD......beautiful green fluttering leaves in summer which turn to golden yellow colours in fall make this tree stand out in our landscape. The floating "cotton balls" during late summer are the seeds dispersing themselves across the terrain and these seeds are quick to germinate and grow vigorously to large dominant trees of up to 100ft. The wood is great for quick hot burning ...in fireplaces, wood stoves or campfires. Tough, fast growing and hardy zone 2 native tree.

2) WILD BLUE ASTER....striking blue blooms literately cover this small bush in fall when most other flowers are long gone. Honey Bees and Monarch butterfly love these late flowers for food and small birds build nests in dense foliage Native to ON and QC these are being cultivated out of existence. Plant a few for to help recover our declining wildlife habitats.  Zone 2 hardy bush

 3) GOLDEN ROD....beautiful golden yellow flowers bring "sunshine" to drab fall landscape and a welcome fall food source for foraging honey bees...golden rod honey is sweetly delicious. Also flowers/leaves can be soaked in hot water for a healthy licorice flavoured tea,  Another Quebec native that is slowly disappearing from our wildlife landscape. This small bush can grow in the worst soils to anchor and protect them from degradation. Zone 2 hardy bush

4) WILD CHICORY....striking steel blue flowers makes this plant stand out in landscape. Grows in dry neglected soils where little else would survive. Roots can be roasted, dried and ground into coffee substitute.

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