ARCTIC HARDY is our most cold hardy plum able to withstand the coldest climates in Canada( Zones 1-4 ). This is a native Canadian plum(prunus nigra) which I found growing "wild" on an abandoned Quebec tree has survived without human involvement for over a 100 yrs.  It grows as a small tree of 7-9 ft and produces masses of white flowers in spring followed by beautiful red fruit that has deliciously sweet, orange flesh. The Arctic Hardy plum has a skin that is resistant to plum curculio and other insects. We have never seen the dreaded plum disease "black knot" ever attack(infect) any of our Arctic Red plum trees in last 50 yrs on our farm...meanwhile most of our European plums have been killed by the same disease.The Arctic Hardy flowers are self -fertile but can cross-pollinate with most Japanese or American plums.  

Our Arctic Hardy plum trees are graft to weaken tree to winter cold. This means that if a root sucker pushes up from below the ground it can be dug to produce a second Arctic Hardy plum tree. Great tree to plant in shelterbelts, windbreaks or northwest corner to form an edible "plum thicket". 

If you have had problems growing plums in CANADA...then ARCTIC HARDY is the plum to try....and we are only nursery propagating this unique variety of Canadian genetics.

ARCTIC HARDY self rooted tree.........$120




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