Strawberry -Supersweet Charlotte



SUPERSWEET CHARLOTTE - new everbearing variety that is many times sweeter than the more well known Albion or Seascape varieties. Wonderful aromatic flavour of Charlotte berries is reminiscent of wild strawberries. We suggest planting CHARLOTTE if you are looking for the very best tasting everbearing strawberry!

All Strawberries are self-fertile and can be planted in very cold climates( Zone 2-5) as long as there is some snow cover in winter.

For greenhouse or hydroponic growing we suggest you try Charlotte as well.

Flavour and berry size holds very well throughout the entire growing season.....from June to October outside and all year round in greenhouse conditions

We are selling only the SUPERSWEET CHARLOTTE variety in 2024……other everbearing varieties do not measure up to this one. 

Plants are .........$15 each

2024….order 12 and we add 12 free ones

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