Green Barn farm is the only place in Canada doing any research (field trials) on cold hardy ASIAN pears...government has abandoned all research in this area and expects us to import our millions of dollars of Asian pears eaten here.... from CHINA!

Green Barn has discovered many varieties of Asian pears that grow very well and produce delicious sweet fruit here on our farm...even after extreme winter cold(-40 C)

In hopes of encouraging more Canadians to try growing our hardy varieties of Asian pears we offer this package deal for 2023.  Easier to grow than apples..  and they sell at a premium price if you decide you want to make some money!

EURO PEARS are also in need of new varieties to replace 250 yr old Bartlett that still dominates the commercial market. We offer many varieties in our list below... all of which are better than Bartlett pears in taste, storage, winter hardiness, disease resistance and ease of growing. 

For individual merits of  each variety or to order individual varieties check our website

For more Asian pear info check out link below

ASIAN PEARS Sale 2023..........   5 trees for $299 and we choose the varieties from SHINSEIKI,TAP, KENKO, Hayatama, CHI TAO, CHINA GREEN, CHOJURO, SHINSUI and EURASIA

EURO PEAR Sale 2023 ..........    5 trees for $299..... we choose from FLEMISH BEAUTY, ANJOU, BO BART, LUSCIOUS, SO SWEET, FLAVOURITE, KENFER, RITSON and Dewdrop

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