Our WILD or native Canadian grape species is "vitus riparia" or riverbank grape as it loved to grow all along our great waterways like the St Lawrence River. I have seen an decades old vine rambling for about a kilometer near Quebec city...and still producing grapes.

The small tart fruit are loved by birds and other wildlife. Also farmers used to gather the abundant wild grapes to make jelly/jam/colis and even wine. Grape breeders used the wild grape to come up with hardier wine grape varieties such as FRONTENAC and Marachal Foch. We are seeing more and more wild grape seedlings growing all over our farm and are finding some larger and tastier fruit...maybe a new table grape will be discovered?

Plant a wild grape to cover a fence or climb an old tree...they will grow anywhere.....with zone 2 winter hardiness and adaptable to any soil. Wild grape can also be used  as a tough, disease resistant rootstock for grafting other grapes


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