Cornelian Cherry


The fruit of this shrub is the only tasty edible of all Canadian dogwoods. Commonly called the Cornelian Cherry, it's Latin name "cornus mass"  reveals its dogwood background. All cornus species(dogwoods) now being sold by Canadian nurseries are only ornamental selections - chosen for leaf colour, etc . Our Cornelian cherry dogwood varieties have been chosen for their large edible fruit. All varieties or dogwoods being sold by other nurseries have tasteless inedible fruit.

Our Canada Red and Red Beauty varieties explode with masses of bright yellow flowers very early in spring which turn into dark red cherries in the fall. The bark on older trees is beautifully coloured and the bright red fruit is revered for its fine flavoured jams, preserves and pies. It can also be eaten fresh for those who like tart fruit. The large flower buds are even showy on the bare winter branches and at first sign of warm weather (usually March before tulips bloom) they explode into bloom....quite a site with winter weather still around! Outstanding ornamental, but also great edible food plant for northern climate backyards or organic permaculture projects and even corn field conversion to agroforestry. Cornelian cherry will only produce full crop of  fruit with a second variety for cross-pollination. Our Cornelian cherry varieties have been acclimatized to our -40 C winters( Zone 3) and still produced cherries after the last two "polar vortex" winters! Cornelian cherry is not bothered by birds ......probably because of it's oblong shaped cherry( not round like other cherries) confusing the pesky birds. Cornelian cherries ripen here in October ...much later than all other cherries so great to extend cherry season. Small tree or shrub about 8 ft high and 5 ft wide.

Makes no sense why this plant has been ignored by permaculture experts and organic fruit growers and COVID food security worriers or anyone who wants to plant a carefree beautiful food SAD indeed!  

CORNELIAN CHERRY available this year are Canada Red and Red Beauty and Pioneer

Order 1 cornelian cherry and you get CANADA RED

Order 2 cornelian cherries and you get CANADA RED and RED BEAUTY


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