CHERRY - Cerise de l'Ile


The name Cerise de L'Ile  translates to "Cherry of the Island".  This bright-red skinned cherry was growing wild along a fence line when we bought our farm 45 yrs ago. The 100 yr old mother tree is still producing offspring and we now have these cherries planted all over our farm. From our experience, Cerise de l'Ile seems to be a prunus species( peaches cherry, plum, etc) that is highly resistant to deer and mouse damage... which save us the need to protect the trees over the winter. The very juicy, sweet-tart fruit is delicious fresh but is also excellent for pies and jam. The small tree( 7-9 ft) is self-fertile and very hardy( Zone 2-3). Fruit is mature early August.The self-rooted Cerise de L'Ile trees that we sell are more hardy, more disease resistant and much easier to grow than all of our other cherry varieties. 

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