We selected a couple of superior fruiting mother trees from the wild. These beautiful and very hardy trees are known for their valuable cherry wood used in making furniture and cabinets...... and thus are rarely found in our wild forests of today. Their hanging clusters of sweet, juicy black fruit are great for fresh eating or for jams, juices or preserves. Wildlife will strip the trees when fruit ripens so plant a few so everyone can enjoy. We offer two varieties: Lake which has larger fruit and Raven which has darker coloured, slightly sweeter fruit. Each variety is a very hardy tree (zone 2/3) producing huge amounts of deep black fruit in late summer. Beautiful, native food producing tree that few people are noticing...why?????

Plant two for cross pollination and full fruiting. We sell seedlings of these two mother trees and the fruit of the offspring are great tasting like the parents

Please save this valuable wild species from extinction!

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