WILD WILLOW - Golden/Silver/Pink/Black


The GOLDEN WILLOW are those majestic weeping willows with the golden branches that gently sway in the summer breezes
Zone 3 hardy and adaptable to most regions in Canada. Willow branches can be chipped and used for mulch and their shade provides an ideal place for picnic table, a summer snooze or kids tree house.

SILVER WILLOW has beautiful silver leaves that flutter and shine all summer/fall

PINK WILLOW  - huge pink "pussy willow" flowers on reddish stems makes this willow a spectacular early-spring landscape plant. Grows quickly and handles damp soils so great restoration tree for agroforestry projects with wet area ditches. Makes for easy care hedge as visual barrier in city or windbreak in country. Can be trimmed to a dense 3 m shrub or a small 5 m tree. Willow sticks make great food for beavers. Humans can use willow twig extracts as rooting stimulant for cuttings and the long red willow twigs make great handicraft wood for baskets, fences, etc. Versatile, beautiful, cold hardy(zone 2) tree for permaculture farms everywhere. Also have silver-leaf version of this "pussy" willow tree.

Native or Black willow....this is the native willow that grows wild on poorest farm soils. Stabilizes soil and provides wildlife refuge


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