We have been growing(and selling) melons since the 1980's...always trying to create the right genetics for the changing climatic conditions on our farm. In 1990's we rescued from extinction the genetics of the worlds most famous melon...the MONTREAL melon.....but found that it is very difficult to grow to them to perfection like our Montreal farmers did over 100 yrs ago...when the Montreal Decarie and Gorman families grew these huge 25 pound melons with great success and they sold for $300 each...and we sell ours today for $5 each. Most melon varieties of today are also not suited to our growing conditions or our customer preferences for smaller sweeter melons. We offer our best melon seeds....that have grown better (and sweeter) than all all other varieties tested over past 25 yrs. 

Montreal Orange - 5 lb watermelon with sweet, crisp, apricot-orange flesh. 

Montreal Red - 3 lb watermelon with very sweet, crisp, crimson-red  flesh  

Montreal Yellow....4 lb watermelon with sweet, crisp, lemon-yellow flesh 

Get one seed pack of each 3 packs for $25