SUMAC Berries


Another indigenous plant that has managed to resist climate change and human destruction ...and surviving so well that "plant racists" call them an "invasive" species??? Beautiful plant with fragrant yellow flower clusters in spring and striking red fall foliage. Produces huge fruit berry clusters containing thousands of tiny red berries that can be used to make a high Vit C juice, red jelly, etc. Berries hang all winter providing food for deer and other wildlife. Great for a wildlife habitat as SUMAC will sucker to form a dense colony of  trees. We now sell our Sumac berries to make Zatar flavouring spice for mid Eastern dishes. Sumac bushes are easy to grow and resist extreme cold (- 40 C or colder). Will grow in any soil conditions. If you cannot normally succeed at growing anything...try a Sumac! 
HEIGHT: 2-3 meters 

Buy 2 SUMAC trees and we add a 3 rd one for free ....3 trees for price of two

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