SHIPOVA is a unique( 1800's) cross between a pear( pyrus) and mountain ash(sorbus). These exotic trees produce clusters of pear-like fruit that have sugar sweet flesh and an unusual fruity taste reminiscent of pineapple and mango. Shipova trees stay smaller(10 ft) than most pear trees and are slow to start fruiting(4-5 yrs) ... however the wait is well worth it. We find that once tree is established or acclimatized that it will survive ZONE 3 winters. The fruit is very nutrient dense and thus very filling/satisfying when hungry. Thought to be self fertile but we suggest pollinating with pear or Mt Ash for better cropping. The Shipova fruit is almost always seedless but with cross-pollination there is a slight chance that a viable seed might form inside the fruit core. EUREKA if it does.... as you can then try to germinate the chance seed into a new variety of Shipova and you will be the first person to do so in over 200 yrs! Let us know!

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