Asian Pear - SHINSEIKI


Shinseiki is an early ripening fruit with bright yellow skin. Its delicate white flesh is sweet, flavourful and extremely juicy. Shinseiki trees are very precocious, sometimes bearing fruit on our one year old grafted trees. Customers in a hurry to taste Asian pears should plant this variety!  The pears store very well for such an early season fruit......usually 4-5 months. This selection is a chef favourite for adding crunch and fruitiness to their creative dishes.We have made dried pear "chips" with the fruit and also replaced the apples in many standard dishes....from pies to sauces. Our favourite winter fruit is the Asian pear, either "crunchy fresh" from the fridge or in our cooked "treats"......a very versatile fruit yet to be discovered by most Canadians....understandable when we realize that our farm is alone in the researching and development of Asian pears. Our hope is to have Canada repay China for providing us such a wonderful shipping our Canadian grown Asian pears back to feed them someday in the future!    
HEIGHT: 2-3 meters 


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