WILD ROSES have been used by people and wildlife for many centuries until now..... today these plants have been destroyed to make way for monoculture farming and human urbanization. Also nurseries only sell the ornamental "tea roses" that cannot adapt to the tougher Canadian climates and quite often die. Thankfully these wild rose genetics have now established themselves on our farm...probably from dormant seeds in soil from many decades ago that we allowed to grow in the "wild" areas of our farm. These are rugged, self-rooted roses that can easily withstand Canada's harshest climates. (zone 2). They make for a very colourful pink flowered, fragrant hedge and nest area for thicket birds. The pink flower petals can be used and the "fruit" or "rose hip" produced from the flowers will hang on the plants all winter.......providing wildlife food and the rose hips can be collected to make jams, jellies, teas, etc. for human consumption. The Vitamin C content of rose hips is 10 times that of an orange and are considered to be very helpful in maintaining a healthy heart.

Save our native wild rose from extinction

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