A 275 yr old heirloom tree from Oshawa, Ontario.

The RITSON is a very sweet all-purpose pear with slightly russeted skin . Agriculture Canada predicted in early 1900's that the Ritson pear would become Canada's leading commercial pear variety because of its high quality fruit and hardiness but unfortunately the "imported" Bartlett variety still prevails to this day. We think RITSON will out produce and outgrow the Bartlett in most climate zones in Canada.

We are pleased that we saved the "centuries old" mother tree from extinction that was growing in the parking lot asphalt in Oshawa. I still remember the day 40 yrs ago when I first saw that venerable old Ritson tree growing totally neglected but still producing delicious fruit in spite of being almost dead with its core wood rotted and decomposed.  We nicknamed the Ritson as our Resistant pear...resistant to weather, resistant to disease and obviously resistant to the ravages of aging. You may be asking why did this pear not gain more exposure in Canada...very simply....nobody cares much about Canada's food history so the "commercial bully" Bartlett pushes all other varieties into oblivion. Want to taste a piece of Canadian food history.........plant a RITSON heirloom pear for yourself and for your children's children to we know they will live at least 275 years!

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