Asian Pear - KENKO


Kenko is a huge golden brown Asian pear with crunchy, very sweet, aromatic flesh. Kenko fruit stores 8 -12 months while developing exotic tropical flavours.  Kenko trees are very disease resistant, precocious, stay small(dwarfed) and are one of the easiest fruit to grow organically. Asian pears are generally self-fertile..... but we plant Taylor apple-pears next to them for cross-pollination so that we can get viable seeds from Kenko fruit for our pear breeding project. Our mature trees produced a huge fruit load again this year even with the  - 35 C  "polar vortex" winter of 2014. Kenko pears are ready to pick by end of Sept and into hurray to pick as they only get better tasting while left on tree and in storage! Anyone with an acre of land and wants to have a a high market value crop... we suggest you think of putting in an acre of these Asian pears. We have buyers lined up waiting for our crop every year...and they are willing to pay premium prices. China produces almost 100% of the world supply of Asian Canada alone it amounts to over $150,000,000 in annual sales. An acre of our Asian pears at today's market value of $1.99 per pound can yield over $75,000 in revenue per year....and unlike an acre of  annual veggies...... these pear trees can produce this revenue every year for over 100 yrs( the lifetime of pear trees can be as high as 200-300 yrs). We find that Asian pears are better suited to organic Permaculture or agroforestry than most any other fruit species but never get mentioned by today's "Permaculture experts".  Anyone interested in an acre of these pears(200 trees) us and we can custom graft your trees to meet your specific needs.......can include other selections of Asian pears from our cold acclimatized Taylor AP, Xiang, China Green, Apple Crunch, etc. 

Kenko pear tree….$125

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