PAPPLES are the new fruit sensation out of Australia/NZ and has spread to Europe and England. These Papple fruit are selling for as much as $4/fruit. Originally released as genetic cross between pear and apple...hence "papple"......but genetic mapping studies revealed that it is actually a cross between European pears and Asian pears. 

This cross between the crunchy Asian pear TAP .... and the more buttery European pear like BOBART results in a PAPPLE pear that will store for months with very little softening. Our PAPPLE variety is very hardy(Zone 3) and very resistant to pear diseases like fireblight that kill Bartlett and other European pears.  PAPPLE fruit retains the SWEET crunchiness of Asian pears but with aromatic flavours from European pears  PAPPLE fruit can be eaten fresh or stored for many  months without any loss of flavour or texture. Papples are great sliced on pizza or added to salads or processed into chutneys, pies, sauces, etc.

limited supply this year....2024 

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