KENBART  is a rare cross between the crunchy Asian pear Kenko .... and the more buttery European pear like Bartlett. Kenbart is a firm pear that will store for months with very little softening. Kenbart is very hardy(Zone 3) and very resistant to pear diseases like fireblight that kill Bartlett and other European pears.  Kenbart fruit looks like a Bartlett pear but is much more versatile can eat it fresh(or stores for months) or in pear chutney, pies, etc.  KenBart is a much better suited pear to Canadian growing conditions than Bartlett. Kenbart fruit has very firm flesh that that does not breakdown and go mushy(like Bartlett). This allows the Kenbart grower to handle the pears without any bruising and gives grower a longer time for selling this good storing fruit.

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