COVID (coronavirus) has become the most annoying species on the planet but the good news is that 100% of the plants listed on our website are immune to this virus. This microscopic living organism was able to outsmart the defence system of humans and once inside it wants to feed and reproduce its species but not kill its host. Unfortunately it does kill many of its weaker hosts( but less than 1%) and thus the battle to eradicate this pest has begun with the development of pesticides( vaccines, etc) much like we do with plant pests. But like in the plant world as we try to kill a pest weed(herbicide), a pest disease(fungicide) or a pest bug(chemical poison) the pest adapts(mutates) to resist our pest controls. COVID is an "Einstein virus" very clever to mutate and each of us has to " battle" this pest in our own way. Remember that you are the "soldier at war" so washing hands, wearing masks, isolation, vaccines, etc may be the weapons of choice now but like in the plant world there are always better long term solutions. COVID has shaken us all and now we must decide how to modify our lifestyles so that our "bubble" cannot be penetrated so easily by new and more deadly "pests".

Planting plants that feed our body and build our immune system might be a good place to start in building a better defence against future attacks. Many of the plant species we describe on our website pages excel at doing just that. Below we a few "special ones" that should help in this relentless battle against the COVID virus. 

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than 5 minutes.”
-Albert Einstein

BALM of GILEAD......this tough native plant can be found all across Canada and into northern climates that dip below -40 C temps like the Yukon territories. The sticky resin or "balm" on the tree buds makes a wonderful smelling and very effective COVID virus disinfectant. So instead of constantly spending on commercial COVID disinfectants maybe planting a Balm of Gilead might be a better choice.....even bees use the resin to kill virus in their hives. First Nations have used its medicinal qualities for centuries and modern skin care companies now use it in many of their secret formulations.  Applying resin to my hands( or face mask) is a much more pleasant experience than using commercial disinfectants.

COVID CHERRY........this unique plant produces tasty red cherries that feed the body and strengthen the immune system better than an other cherry you will ever eat... just what we need to help our body fight against COVID virus. All parts of this hardy plant are beneficial.... silver foliage(for beauty), yellow fragrant flowers(for bee nectar), the roots( fix nitrogen to feed the soil) and the delicious abundant cherry fruit strengthens our bodies from within.

COVID ROSE.....this hardy wild rose produces beautiful sweet smelling flowers and a fruit that can be eaten to strengthen the heart and help with lung function...both of which is important in fighting the COVID virus attacks on our organs. 

COVID MANGO......this tough native North American plant has mango-like fruit that has been used for centuries both as a food and a medicine. The sweet exotic tasting fruit is packed with disease fighting nutrients and fulfils our desire to eat imported mangos.

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