WILD Hawthorn - TAYLOR


This is the wild hawthorn that grows throughout many regions of Canada loved by wildlife as a fall and winter food source.....I can remember when I was getting the cows from pasture for milking....I was always "flushing" wild partridge eating the fallen red "thornapple" fruit...and always ate a handful myself.

We harvest the small tasty apple-like fruit to nibble fresh or can process the crabapple size fruit into delicious jelly or other extracts that are reported to be excellent for your heart health. Ancient and indigenous remedies plus modern scientific studies have shown hawthorn fruit to be exceptionally useful for maintaining a healthy heart

ZONE 2 HARDINESS. Can take any soil including heavy clay. Great wildlife food and shelterbelt tree. Self-fertile but plant 2 for best hawthorn fruit production.

This TOUGH and HARDY WILD native plant is disappearing quickly from our wild spaces so "get with the program and start rewilding CANADA ...maybe a few hawthorns will even find their way into those corn and soya fields that dominate our farmlands.

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LETS replant Canadian wasted spaces with wild native species like this hawthorn

FIRST NATIONS DO YOUR PART and plant indigenous species that used to be part of  your cultural heritage.

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