HARDY COFFEE TREE....... a tough, fast growing tree(gymnocladus dioicus) that adds nitrogen fertilizer to soil.  A very beautiful tree with fern-like foliage, reddish striated bark and abundant flowers that make good spring bee forage. Large chocolate brown pods are ready for coffee making in the fall. However the pods can hang on tree for months making for easy harvest while adding colour to the winter landscape...beautiful majestic tree all year long! Kent coffee tree "bean pods" crack easy to release up to a dozen large beans which can be roasted and ground for coffee. Our Kent coffee trees have survived 25 years of increasingly severe winters on our farm and still produce annual crops of beans. HARDY makes a beautiful, multi-functional tree that fits perfectly into organic permaculture food forests in cold northern climates( Zone 3...maybe colder?)

A tough, pollution-resistant tree with beautiful compound leaves. Rugged corky bark and bluish-grey branches add to its attractiveness. All parts of the tree have value; roots fix nitrogen in soil, flowers are a good nectar source for bees, the bean is roasted for coffee and the oil from its beans can be used as a natural insecticide. Great tree for removing greenhouse gases (C,N) as well . Purchase these coffee trees and add them to your permaculture agroforestry project or do the planet a favour and beautify your landscape with them.

Package of 3 HARDY COFFEE Trees.......... $199

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