Best Medlar...DWARF


BEST MEDLAR  bears the largest fruit of all our medlars.

Medlars are self fertile and very precocious,,,they start fruiting on small 1-2 year old trees and can produce hundreds of fruit as they mature. Huge white flowers in spring, very attractive summer foliage and beautiful, golden-coloured fall fruit make this an ideal edible landscape plant. Our medlars never have had any disease or insect damage so easy to grow without sprays or in organic permaculture systems. The medlar fruit can be left on the tree after it is mature in early Oct and it will hang on tree until Xmas..all the while improving in taste! Also the medlar fruit can be picked in early Oct and stored on kitchen counter for "bletting" indoors. Bletting is a process whereby the flesh of the medlar softens and sweetens to become a delicious apple-flavoured, thick "plummy" textured treat. Medlars are self-fertile and have fruited for us every year.....even after our extremely cold "polar vortex" winters of 2013 and 2014 where temps dropped in to the minus 40's with some wind chill added in. BEST medlar remains a small tree(shrub)of about 5 ft tall by 4 ft wide.
ZONE 3 or maybe colder

we stock other varieties of medlar ...BREDA GIANT, ROYAL and MARRON