Elderberries make great permaculture plants for riparian ditches and are adaptable to many climate and soil extremes...although they prefer wetter soils for best production. Taylor variety produces very large clusters of dark purple berries a few weeks earlier than most other varieties. Order one plant and we send the Taylor variety.....order two plants and we send Taylor and our other featured variety this year called Wild Black.  Elderberries can take very cold climates( zone 2-3) and grow as a multi-stemmed shrub( 2-3 metres). Elderberries are very nutrient dense(full of antioxidants) and can be eaten fresh or processed into jams, jellies, wine, etc . Even the very large panicles (flower heads)in spring are edible...commonly dipped in batter and cooked like pancakes. Elderberry shrubs should be planted way more often than they presently are...especially in those wet low lying soils and backyard corners where nothing else seems to grow.

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