Welcome to the Green Barn Farm

Welcome to GREEN BARN Farm .
Since January 2020 the COVID virus has infected a billion humans and continues to kill millions of those not strong enough to resist the infection. 
Here in Canada(and USA) COVID infection rates(and deaths) are among highest in the world. Hopefully we all plan to change towards a lifestyle that strengthens us against future attacks on our health...us and the planet.
COVID virus showed us how it can mutate quickly and even infect other living species like Gorillas, mink, dogs, etc. GOOD news is that not a single living tree(or plant) ever showed any infection by COVID virus. Maybe its time we took this "tree planting" thing seriously???
GREEN BARN has TREES...all resistant to COVID virus
GREEN BARN  has bred and selected an extensive collection of fruit, nut and berry varieties not available anywhere else in Canada. We have found varieties that can resist Canada's worst climate zones where bitter winters can plunge temperatures down to -40 C or colder. We now have "made in Canada" genetics that are much better suited to our northern climate orchards or food forests. Our fruit trees are uniquely Canadian in that they are "Taylor-made" or created from our own farm resources( our fruit, our roots, our mother trees, etc). We do our own propagation by hand. Thus our trees are acclimatized for growing conditions found in the harshest Canadian conditions.  

Green Barn Farm has a producing PAWPAW orchard and TABLE GRAPE vineyard with cold hardy seedless table grapes. Ever seen anyone farming Canadian Persimmons, Quince, Medlar, Pecans or Mulberry?  Come and see for yourself at our fall farm tour in October every year ...maybe even taste a pawpaw fruit from one of our trees!

We share our fruit growing experience (40 years) by giving grafting workshops, seminars, and consultations. Please contact us if you want to organize an event in your area.

June 2, 2020 Google review from GREEN BARN customer;

" I'm a repeat buyer since 2015, bought apples, cherries, blueberries, pomegranate, lots of berries, moringa, etc. I bought their everlasting mulberry and it's the best tasting and most productive mulberry I've ever seen. Love their amazing fruit tree selection, for example their Wonder Red apple I think is impossible to find, same for Moringa. Try to find Moringa plants elsewhere in Canada. I've picked up my orders each time. I'm used to order trees that are bareroot, so it's no surprise that they have no leaves. It's actually a common practice in tree nurseries in Canada. I can't believe the negative reviews for this reason, these reviewers visibly do not order trees routinely. I suspect they also do not routinely plant bareroot trees either. I never lost a single tree from Green barn. It's a small family run business, busy but pleasant mannered and if you want trees for Quebec climate that also taste amazing, this is it. This is my first go-to nursery and I order from several in Quebec and Ontario


GOOGLE review from Green Barn customer on JUNE 19, 2019

"I ordered an avocado tree and lemon tree. The trees were beautiful, they had no bugs, and were in great shape. I think I was the last person to pick up this season, and therefore the last to pick my trees...this didn't really matter. The trees were the size I ordered and were in great condition. Ken gave me super helpful advice for each tree, including the type of soil it should have, how to stress the trees to get them to fruit earlier and a whole lot of green/organic care techniques. He's an all around nice guy. I ordered online and then picked up my trees. This worked well, it was nice to see the farm. It truly is a small family-run business, the person answering your phone is the person caring for the trees. I admit when I read the bad reviews online I was a little worried. I am glad the complaints were baseless. I think people are just used to big corporations. Trees as expected, can't be delivered in winter, you pick them up in the spring. There are things like spring floods etc. that may hinder you from going the weekend you want to, email ahead to learn of the conditions. I found the best way to reach them was by email. They may be in the field when you call, but if you email they are quick to respond. I will definitely be ordering my next set of trees here, Ken gave me great advice on other varieties I can grow indoors."


ALL CANCELLED ORDERS AFTER MARCH 15 will be charged a $100 cancellation fee