Welcome to the Green Barn Farm

Welcome to Green  Barn Farm ( including Green Barn Nursery) which has bred and selected an extensive collection of fruit, nut and berry varieties not available anywhere else in Canada. We have found varieties that can resist Canada's worst climate zones where bitter winters can plunge temperatures down to -40 C or colder. We now have "made in Canada" genetics that are much better suited to our northern climate orchards or food forests. Our fruit trees are uniquely Canadian in that they are "Taylor-made" or created from our own farm resources( our fruit, our roots, our mother trees, etc). We do our own propagation by hand. Thus our trees are acclimatized for growing conditions found in the harshest Canadian conditions.  

Green Barn Farm has a producing PAWPAW orchard and TABLE GRAPE vineyard with cold hardy seedless table grapes. Ever seen anyone farming Canadian Persimmons, Quince, Medlar, Pecans or Mulberry?  Come and see for yourself at our fall farm tour on October 21,2017 ...maybe even taste a pawpaw fruit from one of our trees!

We share our fruit growing experience (40 years) by giving grafting workshops, seminars, and consultations. Please contact us if you want to organize an event in your area.