Apple Pear Taylor


The Taylor Apple Pear(TAP) is a red-blushed Asian pear that resembles an apple ...but has characteristics of both an Asian pear( flavour) and an apple(the crunch) ...hence the name we chose. TAP fruit is crisp, sweet and very juicy. Its fresh juice is very refreshing and when fermented...makes great cider(perry). The fresh fruit retains its flavour and crispness for 8-12 months in storage...great cooked or dried as well. TAP trees are very winter hardy( survive -40 C winters) and disease resistant....thus showing promise for organic growing. We need to start commercial pear orchards here in Canada all Asian pears presently sold in Canada are China imports. We sold all our production to Lufa company in Montreal at a premium price. We know food retailers who constantly ask us for Canadian suppliers so let us know if you have Asian pear fruit to sell.
SELF-FERTILE (but more productive with a pollinator)
ZONE 2-5
HARVEST: Sept 21-Oct 15
HEIGHT: 4 m   
WIDTH:  3 m

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